About AmazonaSecrets


e are a company dedicated to beauty, the beauty of women based on beauty of the Amazon and other cities of Brazil AmazonaSecrets By Amarjon works with biojewels. We produce art with social and ecologic focus .. Our nature has a strong diversity of natural resources, our goal is to mix the natural raw material such as leaves, seeds, stones and ecological leather with precious materials such as yellow gold, pink gold , dark silver and gold. All elements are extracted in a sustainable way process. Our main process called skeletonization. It is based on, remove all the chlorophyll of a leaf delicately and turn it into jewelry. With the unique pieces AmazonaSecrets By Amarjon discloses the different cultures and habits of Brazil and shows that it is possible to be fashionable and at the same time preserving nature. With these resources, representing femininity, sensuality and above all exclusivity we share with women around the world. Welcome